Monday, April 13, 2009

Give "Targeted Gifts" - Make Guests Happy and Earn More Money...Here's How:

Product placements or “tryvertising” (trying out a product before you buy), is growing at remarkable rates. Hotels, spas, resorts, timeshares and cruise lines have been actively placing product in guest rooms and cabins for several years. A leader in this space is Brand Connections agency,, founded in 2001.

What it does: Provides direct and experiential marketing for large companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Proctor & Gamble.
Why it's growing: A broad range of services: Brand Connections places video segments on JetBlue flights, distributes client toiletry brands at hotels, and controls in-room TV airtime at popular spring-break destinations to promote clients targeting the college crowd.
What's noteworthy: The company recently patented a process for placing laminated advertisements on airplane-seat tray tables.

But…what if suppliers marry customer preferences with product samples? For example, if you ask your guest to fill out a few questions, before their stay, in order to receive a “customized gift” from you? Marketing execs from hotels, airlines, cruise lines, even car rental agencies could ask “profile questions” of their customers on the confirmation email, in exchange for a “selected gift”. Customers could then choose from a list of Brand Connections products. Marketers could get: 1. A differentiated customer experience, even before the guest arrives; 2. Permission-based relevant profile information from your guest. 3. An additional revenue stream for product placements and perhaps a higher $$ amount because it is targeted and requested.

Now, think what’s next…once you have this information, and permission to “gift” your customers, you may send relevant products to them at home as a “thank you” for their stays. And who doesn’t want relevant freebies? Another revenue stream, after the stay, for you!

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