Monday, April 6, 2009

Make Millions By Offering "Alternative Advertising"...Here's How:

Alternative advertising is all the rage, and hotels, car rentals, cruise lines and airlines can all take advantage of their spaces to engage audiences. But how does a buyer of this type of media find suppliers willing to “rent out” their spaces? Aiming to make it easier for brands to find such opportunities, DOmedia is an online marketplace and community designed specifically to support the alternative advertising industry. Ohio-based DOmedia, which launched in late 2007, bills itself as a matchmaking service for media buyers and sellers. Listed in its media database, for example, are opportunities to advertise on hotel wallscapes, sidewalk graphics, hotel column wraps, digital screens in elevators, door hanger place-based advertising, escalator handrail ad media, key card ads, and billboards and seatback tray tables aboard planes and trains. DOmedia boasts more than 20,000 individual media offerings from 400 vendors representing as much as $20 billion in potential advertising, according to Ad Age. DOmedia serves as a clearinghouse, but is not a broker – and travel suppliers can post ad inventory, that will then be listed by venue, geography and ad category.

Bookings and occupancy may be down, but alternative media may prove to be a very good source of alternative revenue!


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