Thursday, July 25, 2013

Offer upsell opportunities, and provide a memorable and buzz-worthy experience by introducing a "Twitter Concierge"

Innovation and money-making ideas often don't require a big budget.  In fact, this blog will explore  "Big Ideas" that could cost $99, or less, to bring to market.  One such idea was introduced this week by Melia Hotels International, with the launch of #SocialWave, its Twitter concierge program, delivering guest requests exclusively via Twitter.  At a recent Social Media conference that I chaired, this concept was all the rage - and there was a lot of animated discussion about the Manhattan Hotel in Rotterdam's twittering concierge,  @conciergeRTM.  The hotel's concierge tweets advice, answers questions, and makes reservations at attractions and restaurants in Rotterdam.

Now, the Sol Wave House Hotel in Mallorca, Spain has taken this concept and turbocharged it. Guests register from the hotel's WiFi network, and this service enables them to engage in conversations, meet other guests, compete in contests, share photos, etc...

And there's an ancillary revenue piece to this initiative as well - the hotel has created #TwitterPartySuites, which includes champagne service, sports drinks on arrival, a 20% discount at all bars and restaurants, VIP hammocks, a customizable minibar, plus a free drink in the Friday #TwitterPoolParty.  A very clever way to upsell the hotel's suites and food and beverage! By leveraging the hotel's WiFi capabilities, Melia has glammed on to a fairly unique customer experience - one that is buzzable, and getting quite a lot of press in US and European "hipster" magazines.  Perfect for Sol Wave House Hotel's desired demographic.  So, how much does it cost to redeploy its two Twitter concierges? Nothing.  How much value in providing a differentiated, buzzable hotel experience, plus the opportunity to upsell? Quite a lot. How can your travel business benefit by introducing your hotel, cruise line, agency, tour operator, airline, or car rental Twitter concierges?

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